Make{able} at Made in Kallio – 23rd Nov. Pre-Christmas workshop session including a variety of up cycling and recombining t-shirts and pullovers to new unique design pieces made together. How about making your christmas presents this year yourself and give it thus a deeper meaning and greater value? For inspiration take a look at our latest workshop results, made with joint creative minds of makers and designers.

_MG_4495 _MG_4530 _MG_4538

Make{able} at Kaupunkiverstas 21st Nov 2013

Making Scarves and Home Boots for the cold winter days.

Make{able} at the Ravintola Päivä, 16th Nov. – Ompelu Ravintola

We had a lovely day and first sewing cafe with delicious cakes, pastries and cookies by My dear kitchen in Helsinki.


_MG_4541 _MG_4535 _MG_4544

(the nice images above are taken by: Harri)

Make{able} at Arkadia International Bookshop

Great place, great participants and a wonderful team made this so much fun today. Thanks to everyone!!!!

Make{able} at WÄRK:fest 2013

This year Makeable Workshops had support of the Berlin based Fashion Reloaded -swap and redesign event. Designer: Cecilia Palmer. Together we facilitated a 2 day workshop at the WÄRK:fest in Helsinki. We made backpacks and redesigned old clothes to new up-to-date fashion items 🙂

Take a look at the images (thanks for the good pictures: Harri)

Team Fashion Reloaded & Make{able}

Team Fashion Reloaded & Make{able}

Makeable - Wärkfest_2 Makeable - Wärkfest_15

Makeable - Wärkfest_4

Make{able} @ MADE IN KALLIO 2nd edition 

Making Hammocks.

Make{able} @ MADE IN KALLIO

This years summer edition of Make{able} was successfully facilitated at a Helsinki co-working space: ‘Made in Kallio’. We were happy to see such a great interest in our half-way shorts workshop. Together with about 20 participants we made colourful and summerish shorts. Thank you all for joining, it was great fun!!

We are looking forward to our follow-up workshop in the 13th of August at the same place. We keep you posted on our upcoming events page

Thanks to Daniel Morales we also have a great video showing the process of making shorts from picking the right fabric till wearing the finished piece.

Below are some impressions captured during the workshop.

Make{able} @ MoA


Thanks to all our participants and the great workshop space provided by MoA – Masters of Aalto, we could facilitate a successful workshop on Half-way Tunics last Wednesday 8th of May. All together we had 17 participants who were all able to sew a unique tunic, scarf or similar item. Team Make{able} says thanks to all of you, and please let us know if you have thoughts or ideas for what and where you would like to have another Make{able} workshop. Looking forward to your comments. 🙂


makeable_moa_1makeable_moa_2 makeable_moa_3makeable_moa_5makeable_moa_6makeable_moa_7makeable_moa_8 makeable_moa_9makeable_moa_12 makeable_moa_13makeable_moa_14 makeable_moa_15makeable_moa_18  makeable_moa_20makeable_moa_24makeable_moaIMG_2675 makeable_moa_16IMG_2718 makeable_moa_17 IMG_2657 makeable_moa_22 makeable_moa_23 IMG_2721makeable_moa_25 makeable_moa_27

Great workshop and thanks to all our participants yesterday (23rd of February).Together we once more created beautiful mittens from old sweaters. The pattern can be foundhere if you want to try it yourself.

And here are some images of the recent workshop:

Makeable-February_1 Makeable-February_2 Makeable-FebruaryMakeable-February_3 Makeable-February_4 Makeable-February_5 Makeable-February_6 Makeable-February_7 Makeable-February_8 Makeable-February_9 copy

Thanks to all our participants of the first workshop organized on Saturday 26th January 2012.

We had a great time sewing, making and learning from each other. The results were great and we hope that you enjoyed the process as well as the results as much as we did. Together we created new mittens from discared pullovers or similar. For everyone who is interested in trying the same, we will facilitate another workshop in the end of February, so keep on checking our blog.

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