Anja-Lisa Hirscher is a freelance graphic designer and research assistant at Aalto ARTS and the general organiser of the project, facilitator, designer and communications person. She studied Creative Sustainability at Aalto ARTS where she finished her Master Thesis about enabling sustainable fashion consumption. The concept was also initiated through her thesis driven research project ‘Make{able} – participatory clothing design with Half-way products.’ Anja-Lisa is a designer, maker and nature lover who enjoys sewing as a hobby since a long time.


Tjasa Avsec is our clothes and fashion designer, holding a Master degree related. Currently based in Slovenia but supporting us with design ideas, patterns and occasional workshop facilitation. In Slovenia she is also engaged with a small company: ‘PaulMalina’. Tjasa shares our all interest in sustainable fashion, art, design and textiles.


Harri Homi is our team member with Finnish roots and thus our outdoor gear design specialist. He is also our photographer and film-maker when time and participants allow it. Harri has a degree in applied arts and design, works as freelance photographer and studies at Aalto ARTS same time.


Daniel Morales is also responsible for the video documentation of our project. He is born in Colombia, where he got a degree in industrial design. Currently he is finishing his Masters Thesis at Aalto ARTS.


Nina Cee, is our second Fashion Designer, and currently working on her Master Thesis at Aalto ARTS. She supports Make{able} with great assistance, love to detail and creative advice and designs for our participants.


Vendula Johanová comes from the Czech Republic, where she finished her Master degree in Psychology. She worked in the help-line for children and young people, in art-sheltered workshop for people with mental disease and later on got lot of experience in the project management. In Finland she workes as a full-time nanny, enjoys being with kids and develops her passion for handcrafts and sewing.


Teresa Mair is our latest team-member, originally from Austria. Her educational background is in Architecture, where she is currently studying master’s at Aalto University. Teresa found her way to Make{able} through participating in our restaurant day event, as she has been interested in sewing all her life, some nice work can be found on her website.


Laura Reinikka is our wonderful and reliable help if we need an extra pair of hands 🙂

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