This project is dedicated to everybody who wants to learn and be {able} in designing and making their own garments. We will use design as a tool to empower and en{able} people with knowledge, skills, ideas.

Our participants gain knowledge on sustainable fashion, garment making and how to live more sustainably. The goal is to en{able} a greater freedom and independency of the industry, and provide everybody with an insight into clothes-making and its related effort and opportunities. The skills gained during the process will help them to redesign, repair and update their clothes if desired.

Our idea is to bring sustainable design and consumption into the focus of everyone, and make it easy, accessible and affordable.
During our workshops we intend to create a fun base on which everybody -from kids to adults- can gain knowledge on sewing, handcrafting, working together and just enjoy the atmosphere and a nice cup of coffee or tea.

The main point is to have fun together on making something beautiful to wear, love and value for a long time!!!

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Sustainable development can be defined as maintaining a system that functions well in the long run, through satisfying current and future needs without compromising the quality of life of current or future generations.


Redesign means to use a current product or an existing item and transform it by cutting, reshaping, sewing etc. into something else or update it to current fashion trends through a variety of methods.

Participatory Design & Co-Design

Co-design as well as participatory design imply a collaborative design process together with the users of the product.They focus on reducing top-down hierarchies and thus challenge the current structures of the fashion industry.