Make{able} is a project and an open collaboration to encourage everyone to become active makers of their own wardrobe.


With Make{able} we want to bring clothing and accessories design closer to the user. The project was initiated by Anja-Lisa but is now run by a great team which combines a variety of designers and other professionals: Harri, Laura, DanielVendulaTjasa, Teresa and Nina as well as other great collaborating designers. In our workshops we provide our participants with an easy and fun platform to share, make and experience clothes making. Through three different workshop concepts we hope to offer something interesting for everyone. We facilitate workshops that bring you closer to working with the sewing machine, introduce you to other makers and designers and inspire you to make your own clothes and accessories for your unique and individual style.

Here is  a video of one of our workshops on half-way* shorts.

Facilitated at Made in Kallio in July 2013.

*Half-way products offer you to co-design a garment with us. At these workshops we provide a variety of half made pieces, to be finished according to your creative ideas.

Upcycling brings you closer to the idea of using old garments or industrial waste, to make your own unique design piece.